[9] RFR (S): 8150349: Reduce the execution time of the hotspot_compiler_3 group

Zoltán Majó zoltan.majo at oracle.com
Thu Feb 25 14:17:45 UTC 2016


please review the patch for 8150349.


Problem: The hotspot_compiler_3 group of tests takes more than 30 
minutes on our slowest platforms.

Solution: Remove a number of long-running tests from the 
hotspot_compiler_3 group. All removed tests are related to intrinsics, 
that is, they check the functionality of a reduced set of the VM's 
functionality that is not often modified. Also, we execute all removed 
tests daily (in our nightly testing).

Here is the time spent in hotspot_compiler_3 on our slowest platforms 
after removing the tests:

solaris_sparcv9_5.11-fastdebug-c2-hotspot_compiler_3     success(15m 22s)
     platform=solaris_sparc_5.11 osname=solaris osarch=sparc cpus=6 
parallelcount=6 ram=31744MB cpufreqmhz=2848
linux_arm64_2.6-fastdebug-c2-hotspot_compiler_3     success(19m 09s)
     platform=linux_x64_3.8 osname=linux osarch=x64 cpus=12 
parallelcount=12 ram=60690MB cpufreqmhz=2294

solaris_sparcv9_5.11-fastdebug-c2-hotspot_compiler_3     success(15m 32s)
     platform=solaris_sparc_5.11 osname=solaris osarch=sparc cpus=12 
parallelcount=12 ram=24576MB    cpufreqmhz=2848
linux_arm64_2.6-fastdebug-c2-hotspot_compiler_3     success(20m 24s)
     platform=linux_arm64_3.13 osname=linux osarch=arm64 cpus=8 
parallelcount=8 ram=16061MB


Thank you!

Best regards,


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