[9] RFR (S): 8159431: C1 arraycopy intrinsic type checks missing

Zoltán Majó zoltan.majo at oracle.com
Fri Jun 24 16:05:20 UTC 2016


please review the patch for 8159431.


Problem: The C1 intrinsic for
java.lang.System.arraycopy(Object src, int srcPos, Object dest, int 
destPos, int length)

does not verify that 'src' or 'dest' is a "proper" array. As a result, 
the intrinsic reads the non-existing 'length' field from 
java.lang.Object (i.e., the intrinsic reads past the end of the 
java.lang.Object instance), which is incorrect.

Also, the intrinsic only checks if 'src' is a subclass of 'dest' before 
writing into 'dest' without checking the special case 
'dest'==java.lang.Object. That can result in data being written to a 
random heap location instead of the required ArrayStoreException being 

Solution: Check the type of 'src' and 'dest' at runtime if the compiler 
was not able to prove at compile-time that 'src' and 'dest' are "proper" 


Testing: JPRT (testset hotspot).

I'll do an RBT run once the code is close to its final shape.

The problem was originally reported by Xiang Yuan from Linaro. Once the 
code is reviewed, I plan to push the patch with Xiang and myself as 

The open arm port and ppc are also likely to be affected. I'll file bugs 
for those architectures and notify persons working on the appropriate ports.

Thank you!

Best regards,


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