[9] RFR(XS): 8151882: -XX:+Verbose prints messages even if no other flag is set

Tobias Hartmann tobias.hartmann at oracle.com
Tue Mar 15 10:25:49 UTC 2016


please review the following patch:


Running the VM with -XX:+Verbose prints dozens of register allocator debug messages even if no additional flag like -XX:+PrintOpto is specified. This makes it hard to filter out relevant information if other debug flags are used in combination with -XX:+Verbose. According to the documentation, -XX:+Verbose should only "Print additional debugging information from other modes" but should not print anything on its own.

I changed the code to only print messages if PrintOpto && WizardMode is set. This is consistent with other place in reg_split.cpp where we print debug info.


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