RFR(S): 8147844: new method j.l.Runtime.onSpinWait() and the corresponding x86 hotspot instrinsic

Ivan Krylov ivan at azulsystems.com
Thu Mar 31 14:08:07 UTC 2016

I have updated the webrev: 

I overlooked the missing LIR_Assembler::on_spin_wait() for non-x86 
platforms. I have no access to non-intel boxes
and hence saw the problems only at integration time.
c1_LIRAssembler.o: In function `LIR_Assembler::emit_op0(LIR_Op0*)':
hotspot/src/share/vm/c1/c1_LIRAssembler.cpp:683: undefined reference to 

So, 3 empty method implementations were added to the corresponding <cpu> 
files - the top 3 on the webrev above.

Paul, thanks for identifying those issues.



On 10/03/2016 04:04, Igor Veresov wrote:
> Ok, good.
> igor
>> On Mar 9, 2016, at 3:53 PM, Ivan Krylov <ivan at azulsystems.com> wrote:
>> Paul, Indeed, thanks. I have modified the test.
>> I also made changes to reflect the fact that onSpinWait is now decided to be placed into j.l.Thread.
>> Igor,
>> This is a new webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ikrylov/8147844.hs.04/
>> This is the diff between previous and this patches (03 vs 04):
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ikrylov/8147844.hs.04/diff.txt
>> Thanks,
>> Ivan
>> On 12/02/2016 06:01, Paul Sandoz wrote:
>>>> On 12 Feb 2016, at 00:55, Ivan Krylov <ivan at azulsystems.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Igor,
>>>> Thanks both for your help and your reviews.
>>>> Here is a new version, tested on mac for c1 and c2:
>>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ikrylov/8147844.hs.03
>>> Now that support C1 is supported should the test be updated with C1 only execution?
>>> Paul.

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