RFR (M): 8154974: AVX-512 equipped inflate, has_negatives & compress intrinsics

Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at oracle.com
Thu May 5 01:04:06 UTC 2016

> On 4 May 2016, at 16:12, Wojtowicz, Tomasz <tomasz.wojtowicz at intel.com> wrote:
> Internally developed ubenchmarks for performance & similar functional using Reflections API for those 3 intrinsics on an up to 4K chunks of pseudo random initialized data to verify correctness.
> Has_negatives had a negative sentinel as a last element in an array.
> Also tailored examples for compress which would test all of the possible entry scenarios (tail present/not present, non-compressable element found in head OR tail - to make sure that there is a coverage for all of the basic blocks inside intrinsic)
> Everything run at least 3 times for -XX:UseAVX=1 then 2 and 3, depending on a scenario for establishing performance baseline AND/OR correctness when "older"(AVX<=2) had been modified.

The following JDK test should also give this intrinsic some exercise:


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