[9] RFR(L) 8158168: SIGSEGV: CollectedHeap::fill_with_objects(HeapWord*, unsigned long, bool)+0xa8

dean.long at oracle.com dean.long at oracle.com
Thu Mar 16 20:01:43 UTC 2017

On 3/16/17 2:52 AM, Tobias Hartmann wrote:

>> As a safety net, I added asserts around the intrinsic calls, and a try/catch that so any out of bounds exception turns into an assert error as well.
> So the assert and try/catch are only necessary to catch invalid offsets passed to the C1 intrinsic, right? Interpreted code is safe and the C2 intrinsics have additional guards in debug builds.

The try/catch turns an exception into an assert for interpreted and C1 
debug, and the assert can be used in product builds.

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