Some JVMCI/Graal questions related to AOT

dean.long at dean.long at
Mon May 22 22:41:02 UTC 2017

1) I'm working on "8132547: [AOT] support invokedynamic instructions" 
and I've hacked up to handle 
things like the invokedynamic appendix differently.  However, since this 
will only be used by AOT, I'm thinking I need to put my changes in an 
AOTHotSpotConstantPool subclass.  My question is, where is a good place 
to put such as class (which hopefully won't require messing with modules)?

2) How can I tell if a ResolvedJavaType corresponds to a VM anonymous 
class (Klass::is_anonymous())?  I can't rely on getFingerprint() 
returning 0, because I want fingerprints for anonymous classes.  Is 
there something existing, or do I need to add something to JVMCI?


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