RFR 8190800: Support for vectorization of sqrt float

Jacek Tomaka jacekt at dug.com
Sat Nov 18 00:03:14 UTC 2017

Hi Razvan,
Thank you for making this patch available.
I have a few questions regarding your changes:
1. Would it make sense to get rid of match(Set dst (ConvD2F (SqrtD (ConvF2D
src)))); for other platforms as well(and just use match(Set dst (SqrtF
src));), now that ConvD2FNode::Ideal does similar job?
2. What would be situations where  instruct vsqrt2F_reg and  instruct
vsqrt2F_mem would be used? Isn't AVX only >128 bit?
3. In subnode.hpp i think the comment should mention float not double. It
is +// square root a double currently.
Jacek Tomaka
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