RFR(XS) 8191688: Assert failed in > 200 tests: failed dependencies, but counter didn't change

Vladimir Ivanov vladimir.x.ivanov at oracle.com
Wed Nov 22 12:13:32 UTC 2017

> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8191688
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dlong/8191688/webrev/

The fix looks good.

An observation not related to the bug:

+  if (env->jvmti_can_hotswap_or_post_breakpoint()) {
      // 6328518 check hotswap conditions under the right lock.
      MutexLocker locker(Compile_lock);
      if (Dependencies::check_evol_method(h_m()) != NULL) {
        _is_c1_compilable = false;
        _is_c2_compilable = false;
+      _can_be_parsed = false;
    } else {

Klass* Dependencies::check_evol_method(Method* m) {
   if (m->is_old()
       || m->number_of_breakpoints() > 0) {
     return m->method_holder();

It seems once there's a breakpoint set in a method, it will never be 
compiled again. (I looked in the code couldn't find where 
_is_c1_compilable/_is_c2_compilable are reset once all breakpoints are 
cleared). If that's the case, it has severe performance consequences, so 
better to fix it.

Also, some nitpicking follows:

+  bool _can_be_parsed;

+  bool can_be_parsed() const { return _can_be_parsed; }

The name confuses me. I'd presume it signals there are some problems 
with parsing the method, so don't even try. It seems the choice was 
affected by InlineTree::check_can_parse(), but the latter looks justified:

const char* InlineTree::check_can_parse(ciMethod* callee) {
   // Certain methods cannot be parsed at all:
   if ( callee->is_native())                     return "native method";
   if ( callee->is_abstract())                   return "abstract method";
   if (!callee->has_balanced_monitors())         return "not compilable 
(unbalanced monitors)";
   if ( callee->get_flow_analysis()->failing())  return "not compilable 
(flow analysis failed)";

Why doesn't it stress it's all about inlining? E.g., 
ciMethod::can_be_inlined looks more descriptive in that context.

Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov

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