[10] RFR(L) 8187047: [AOT] jaotc --ignore-errors flag is ignored when class not found

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Fri Sep 1 02:19:27 UTC 2017


Currently jaotc will exit with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when referenced class not found regardless --ignore-errors flag.
I fixed it by consolidating code how exceptions are processed during collecting classes and methods to compile. Now Main.handleClassLoadError(InternalError err) should be called. For that I have to 
path Main parameter to methods which collect classes.

Error during class loading and compilation now will be reported only with --verbose or if --exit-on-error is set. Stack trace will be printed with --debug only.
No errors reporting with --info, only phases and times will be displayed.

Also added checks to exit early if no classes or methods were found.

And have to fix AOT junit tests accordingly.

Passed all AOT tests in JPRT.


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