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On 19/09/17 15:26, Schmidt, Lutz wrote:
> there is interest from these guys at SAP as well. I would volunteer to cover ppc and s390, once the initial implementation is available. Any ETA guess on that? I’m not pushing, just to get an idea.

If you have a definition for MulHiL, you can use the same code
for all targets.  You don't have to wait for the intrinsic to be
written.  For reference, Aarch64 is:

instruct mulHiL_rReg(iRegLNoSp dst, iRegL src1, iRegL src2, rFlagsReg cr)
  match(Set dst (MulHiL src1 src2));

  ins_cost(INSN_COST * 7);
  format %{ "smulh   $dst, $src1, $src2, \t# mulhi" %}

  ins_encode %{
    __ smulh(as_Register($dst$$reg),


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