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Wed Sep 20 19:36:47 UTC 2017

Thanks Andrew for this hint.

I assumed we would be talking about a “full-blown” intrinsic like those for the crypto stuff. Defining just an instruct in the .ad file is easy. S390 and ppc both have suitable instructions.

Expect my suggestion shortly.

Regards, Lutz


On 19.09.2017, 18:04, "Andrew Haley" <aph at> wrote:

    On 19/09/17 15:26, Schmidt, Lutz wrote:
    > there is interest from these guys at SAP as well. I would volunteer to cover ppc and s390, once the initial implementation is available. Any ETA guess on that? I’m not pushing, just to get an idea.
    If you have a definition for MulHiL, you can use the same code
    for all targets.  You don't have to wait for the intrinsic to be
    written.  For reference, Aarch64 is:
    instruct mulHiL_rReg(iRegLNoSp dst, iRegL src1, iRegL src2, rFlagsReg cr)
      match(Set dst (MulHiL src1 src2));
      ins_cost(INSN_COST * 7);
      format %{ "smulh   $dst, $src1, $src2, \t# mulhi" %}
      ins_encode %{
        __ smulh(as_Register($dst$$reg),
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