Setting up for working on Graal sources in OpenJDK repo

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Mon Dec 3 12:54:50 UTC 2018

Hi Jorn,

> On 3 Dec 2018, at 13:26, Jorn Vernee <jbvernee at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering what the right way is to generate intellij (or other IDE) configs for the Graal sources in OpenJDK?
> Specifically I'm working on the module `jdk.internal.vm.compiler`. I've tried `bin/ jdk.internal.vm.compiler` but this generates a project that has a bunch of missing dependencies (I've only worked with java.base before so I'm not sure how that is supposed to work tbh).
> There's also an mx.graal suite in that module's directory, but when running `mx ideinit` this just creates a project for the actual suite files, and not for the Graal sources itself it seems.
> What's the expected/recommended workflow for working on Graal sources in an OpenJDK repo?

I do not know about OpenJDK support for IDE development but it wouldn’t surprise me that doesn’t work with the Graal sources given their non-standard layout. I’ve cc’ed the hotspot compiler list in case someone there has some tips.

Not sure if it helps, but you can develop GitHub Graal sources against an OpenJDK build by setting JAVA_HOME to the latter and following the instructions at <>

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