RFR(L): 8198691: CodeHeap State Analytics

Tobias Hartmann tobias.hartmann at oracle.com
Wed Mar 7 08:19:27 UTC 2018

Hi Lutz,

On 06.03.2018 18:03, Schmidt, Lutz wrote:
>  - failing AOT tests: I will restrict analytics to FOR_ALL_ALLOCABLE_HEAPS(), as suggested by Vladimir. Not sure if that will heal the tests.
>  - SIGFPE in CodeHeap::aggregate(): could that be related to the "memset" error? Never had that here at SAP, neither in OpenJDK test nor in SAP JVM. If that issue persists with the new webrev (coming up soon), I may need ad'l information. If not activated by command line argument or explicit call, the new code has _ZERO_ effect. 

Yes, I've executed all tests with the new flag enabled. I'll re-run with the new webrev and let you
know the result.

>  - Documentation format: which format would you need? The PDF I uploaded is generated from our internal Wiki. It was the least effort for now. I could also provide plain text (losing all the formatting) or MS Word .docx (hopefully preserving most of the formatting).

I think the pdf should be fine for now (the doc team will have a look). I've created a subtask to
keep track of the documentation in the Tools Reference Guide:

>  - Documentation location: I'm not familiar with the policies that direct documentation to a certain place. Please put it where you think it's appropriate. Of course I will help wherever I can.

I'm not sure either. I would assume that a summary will go into the Tools Reference Guide (and maybe
the release notes or other guides) and that we should provide a link to the full documentation.
Let's see what the doc team comes up with. I've added a comment to the doc task.

>  - Documentation contents/writing style: I will ask a SAP documentation specialist to have a look at it once it's final content-wise. That might eliminate some German-sounding English text.

Sounds good, I know that problem :)

>  - Printing on CodeCache full condition: We have that in our SAP JVM product. Must be activated by a command line argument. Already proved helpful.

Yes, I think it would be nice to add this to the patch.

> So please stay tuned. I'm working hard to get all the modifications ready. It's a lot to do and, unfortunately, there is that day-to-day business demanding some attention as well. 

Sure, don't hurry. I'll take a look at the new webrev once it's available.

Best regards,

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