Changed code generation in JDK 9

Vladimir Parfinenko vparfinenko at
Tue Mar 13 09:39:53 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I am trying to investigate how C2 generates code for method:

  public static boolean invert(boolean x) {
    return !x;

I have found out that in JDK 8 it generates just "xor arg, 1" which does
not properly handle random integers as booleans:

  0x0000000004af4a8c: mov    %edx,%eax
  0x0000000004af4a8e: xor    $0x1,%eax          ;*ireturn
                                                ; - Inverter::invert at 9
(line 3)

In JDK 9 it performs truncation of argument to range {0, 1} and then
"xor arg, 1".

  0x000001d92cc9f0ac: test   %edx,%edx
  0x000001d92cc9f0ae: setne  %al
  0x000001d92cc9f0b1: movzbl %al,%eax
  0x000001d92cc9f0b4: xor    $0x1,%eax          ;*ireturn {reexecute=0
rethrow=0 return_oop=0}
                                                ; - Inverter::invert at 9
(line 3)

Full logs are available here:

So now I am trying to find the commit responsible for this change or
motivational bug.
Could anyone help me?

Vladimir Parfinenko

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