RFR(L): 8198691: CodeHeap State Analytics

Schmidt, Lutz lutz.schmidt at sap.com
Tue Mar 20 18:29:47 UTC 2018

Hi Tobias, 

thank you for uncovering this. In CodeCache::report_codemem_full() I oversaw that the tty lock is held at the place I inserted the call to CompileBroker::print_heapinfo().

That bug triggered some thoughts in my brain, resulting in a question or two:

Given the complex output of CompileBroker::print_heapinfo(), what would be the OpenJDK approach to tty locking?

Should I do "micro locking", trying to keep together only small blocks? That's what is implemented now. 
Should I lock tty before each call to a print function (like print_usedSpace, print_freeSpace, ...)? 

Either approach has its advantages, so I'm more or less neutral. What do you all think? 

Depending on what's in favor by the community, I will move the locks accordingly. 


On 20.03.18, 15:45, "Tobias Hartmann" <tobias.hartmann at oracle.com> wrote:

    Hi Lutz,
    I've already started testing with -Xlog:codecache=Debug and found a problem:
    The following tests
    fail with
    #  fatal error: acquiring lock CodeHeapStateAnalytics_lock/6 out of order with lock tty_lock/0 --
    possible deadlock
    Let me know if you need more information to reproduce!
    On 20.03.2018 11:25, Schmidt, Lutz wrote:
    > Hi Tobias, 
    > thank you! If you haven't started yet, you may want to wait with testing a moment. I will remove the comments Vladimir and you complained about and update the webrev. It's comments only, but you never know...
    > Thanks, 
    > Lutz
    > On 20.03.18, 10:46, "Tobias Hartmann" <tobias.hartmann at oracle.com> wrote:
    >     Hi Lutz,
    >     very nice work! Thanks for incorporating the requested changes. I think you can remove the commented
    >     LogStream code.
    >     I'll re-run the tests that failed with the last webrev.
    >     Best regards,
    >     Tobias
    >     On 19.03.2018 17:00, Schmidt, Lutz wrote:
    >     > Dear all, 
    >     > 
    >     > this is the next (second) iteration of my CodeHeap State Analytics effort. It reflects all the comments and suggestions I received on my initial RFR (sent out on March 1st). Please read on to learn what was changed and what kept as is.
    >     > 
    >     > May I please request reviews for 
    >     > 
    >     > Bug:    https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8198691
    >     > Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~lucy/webrevs/8198691.01/
    >     > 
    >     > Instead of keeping the long tail of comments and responses, I decided to provide a summary of what happened.
    >     >  - Most of the new code was moved to new files: share/code/codeHeapState.cpp and share/code/codeHeapState.hpp
    >     >  - I have added, as requested, an abbreviated version of the "General Description" chapter to codeHeapState.cpp
    >     >  - In case of SegmentedCodeCache, the iteration is limited to FOR_ALL_ALLOCABLE_HEAPS(). There were issues in aot tests when using FOR_ALL_HEAPS().
    >     >  - All references to the RFE id should be gone.
    >     >  - In share/runtime/java.cpp, the call to CompileBroker::print_heapinfo() now is close to "PrintCodeCache" for both, product and nonproduct cases.
    >     >  - The edited/updated documentation is available as an attachment to the bug (in PDF format).
    >     >  - I added code to share/code/codeCache.cpp (report_codemem_full()) to print the CodeHeap state for the first occurrence of the "full" condition.
    >     >  - The code style "hickups", noted by Tobias Hartmann, are gone.
    >     >  - The compile time warnings and errors are resolved.
    >     > 
    >     > -XX:+PrintCodeHeapState vs. -Xlog:codecache=Trace
    >     > I clearly understand and support the intention to get rid of the Print* command line arguments. Therefore, the PrintCodeHeapState command line argument is gone. You can request the CodeHeap state analytics with the -Xlog:codecache=Trace (vm shutdown) or -Xlog:codecache=Debug (CodeCache full and vm shutdown) switches. The output is directed to tty, not to the log stream. 
    >     > 
    >     > The reason for not using the log stream is simple: UL prefixes every line with a timestamp and the trace tags. Unfortunately, that messes up my formatting big time. The jcmd output, on the other hand, will not have the UL prefixes. I would have to distinguish between UL and jcmd output when formatting. In addition, I do not see a benefit from adding the same UL prefix to thousands of lines. 
    >     > 
    >     > Comments are very welcome! 
    >     > 
    >     > Best Regards,
    >     > Lutz
    >     > 
    >     > 
    >     >  
    >     > 

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