How to migrate hs17's LIR_Assembler::emit_exception_handler to hs25?

Andrew Haley aph at
Sat Mar 31 17:21:16 UTC 2018

On 03/27/2018 04:57 PM, Leslie Zhai wrote:
> Hi HotSpot compiler developers,
> I am new to HotSpot, and trying to migrate hs17 to hs25, but JDK-6919934 
> changed:


What exactly are you trying to do?  Why do you need to do this?
Are you porting this 8 years old HotSpot to another processor?

If you explained, people might help.

> Then reuse hs17's `LIR_Assembler::emit_exception_handler`, 
> `Runtime1::generate_handle_exception`, `Runtime1::generate_code_for`... 
> in hs25, but it is monkey patch... not easy to merge upstream.
> Please share your porting experience, and give me some advice, thanks a lot!

I didn't write the AArch64 port of that code until 2013, I'm afraid.  But
none of the x86 code looks particularly weird: it's just tedious.

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