RFR(S): 8202950: C2: assert(found_sfpt) failed: no node in loop that's not input to safepoint

Roland Westrelin rwestrel at redhat.com
Fri May 18 15:51:16 UTC 2018

> Last question: why you check IgnoreStripMined?
> Why is_strip_minned() check is not enough?

mode == IgnoreStripMined is when cloning is performed for unrolling. In
that case, the control flow that joins the inner loop and its clone
together has a region right outside the inner loops, in the outer
loop. When mode != IgnoreStripMined (pre/post loop construction,
unswitching, peeling), the region is outside at least one outer
loop. Then if a load is outside both loops with control in the inner
loop, its control will be set to that region right outside the outer loop
and the verification code won't fail.


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