RFR: 8212818: Allow deferred writes in deoptimization debug info

Doug Simon doug.simon at oracle.com
Thu Nov 1 10:18:05 UTC 2018


Can I please get a review for this change that adds support for moving writes into deoptimization code. From the JBS issue:

"It can be advantageous to allow certain object field or array element writes to be moved across deoptimization points. For example, a loop may contain a write that is only ever read by code after the loop. Currently, a safepoint at the end of the loop is a deoptimization point that forces the write to be performed within the loop. The write could be moved outside the loop if there was support for the write to be done during deoptimization."

This bug adds the VM support for writes to be deferred to deoptimization as well as a Graal-based test for this support.



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