RFR: 8213795: Force explicit null check on patching placeholder offset

Andrew Dinn adinn at redhat.com
Wed Nov 14 09:32:16 UTC 2018

On 13/11/2018 23:21, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> Originally I just want more detailed comment, nothing more. Current
> comment is too general.
> I asked Graal's engineers and they said Graal does not use -1 offset.
> This is really C1 only "feature".
> The comment should reflect that.
Vladimir is right that a comment fingering C1 for this behaviour will be
enough. Scoping the provenance of those -1 values is the right step #1.
Fixing the code to show how they actually get lobbed out of that
particular ball park can be left for a later clean-up.

So, I'm still ok with the patch once the comment is updated.


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