Problems with AES-GCM native acceleration

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Wed Nov 14 17:56:33 UTC 2018

CCing to core-libs and security.

Based on last comment corresponding java code may need to be re-factored. It is not simple.

To trigger x64 AES instructions usage early (before JIT compilation kicks in) we may consider call optimized code from 
Interpreter similar to CRC32 code. It is also very big investment.


On 11/14/18 4:39 AM, Gidon Gershinsky wrote:
> Hi,
> We are working on an encryption mechanism at the Apache Parquet - that will enable efficient analytics on encrypted data 
> by frameworks such as Apache Spark.
> We came across an AES-related issue in the Java HostSpot engine that looks like a substantial problem for us in both 
> Spark and Parquet workloads. The bug report had been accepted a while ago:
> The fix should hopefully be rather straightforward though. Could you help us with that? I have a couple of small samples 
> reproducing the problem.
> (If I'm writing to a wrong mailing list - I apologize, please point me in the right direction).
> Cheers, Gidon.

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