HotSpot is using single threaded (“MT-unsafe”) strtok function in compilerDirectives.cpp

Gillet, André Andre.Gillet at
Wed Nov 28 22:15:25 UTC 2018


I’m posting this to the group since I can’t open a bug report against OpenJDK – I only have browsing privileges.

compilerDirectives.cpp is using the MT-Unsafe strtok function.  This is causing some JVM crashes with our application under linux-x86_64 since some of our native code run via JNI is also using strtok.  Fixing either our code or HotSpot to use strtok_r resolves the issue.  We started seeing this problem after upgrading to OpenJDK 11 from Oracle JDK 8, which didn’t trigger any crashes.

Problematic lines:

Fixing this would make the compiler immune from other JNI code (or other JVM code) that could be using strtok.

The following details a survey of HotSpot that was done a long time ago to identify all occurrences of MT-unsafe functions:

I understand the latter goes beyond the scope of the compiler group.



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