RFR (XS) 8211375: Minimal VM build failures after JDK-8211251 (Default mask register for avx512 instructions)

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Tue Oct 2 17:49:36 UTC 2018

On 10/02/2018 07:25 PM, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> Sorry about that. Instructions setvectmask and restorevectmask and code in
> restore_cpu_control_state_after_jni() should be moved under #ifdef COMPILER2 instead. We have other
> C2 specific code in this file - it is normal.

I see. Like this?

Builds both minimal and server fine on Linux x86_64. I can run it via jdk-submit, if you think this
is not trivial.


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