RFR: 8218169 - [AOT] Segmentation fault when running java with AOTed Graal in -Xcomp mode on windows

Bob Vandette bob.vandette at oracle.com
Thu Feb 7 15:15:46 UTC 2019

Please review this fix for a SEGV occurring when AOT is used on Windows.


The problem is caused by the fact that we're getting an implicit exception from the .text 
segment of an AOT generated library but the generated code in the DLL does not have
any structured exception sections or unwind tables. The normal hotspot CodeCache works
around this limitation by registering the entire code cache with RtlAddFunctionTable. In order
to do this for AOT generated code, a DynamicCodeData structure would need to be generated
in the text segment of the AOT library. 




Rather than modify the AOT implementation to generate a Windows specific data structure that
requires a jmp out of the DLL code and into Hotspots exception handler, I chose a simpler solution
that installs a VectoredException handler. This VectoredException handler is only installed if AOT
is enabled.

This handler examines the pc of the exception. If this pc is determined to be in either the
codeCache or in AOT generated code, we pass control to the existing exception handler otherwise
we allow the system to continue searching for other exception handlers.

There were problems in the past with the use of VEH but at that time we made exclusive use of
VEH and did not use them in conjunction with SEH.  Since I am only passing control to our
existing handler when the pc is from one of our code sections, other code in the system can
continue to use SEH.

For more details, please see the bug comments.


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