[13] RFR(S): 8218721: C1's CEE optimization produces safepoint poll with invalid debug information

Tobias Hartmann tobias.hartmann at oracle.com
Fri Feb 15 14:19:13 UTC 2019


please review the following patch:

C1's Conditional Expression Elimination (CEE) searches for an if that has two branches that only set
a value and then directly jump to the same target block. CEE then replaces this if by a conditional
expression and a single goto to the target block.

This is problematic if one of the gotos is a safepoint but the if is not (for example, see
TestGotoIf::test1/test2). In this case, the resulting goto is marked as a safepoint but there is no
valid state_before. In product, we end up with a safepoint poll in C1 compiled code that has invalid
debug information which leads to a corrupted stack after deoptimization (more information is in the
bug comments). With a debug build, we hit a corresponding assert.

I first thought of just omitting the safepoint if there's no state_before information available.
However, this can lead to long running loops without safepoint polls (see test6 as an example).

Therefore, and since this is a rare case, I've decided to bail out if one of the gotos is a
safepoint but the if is not. None of our tests (hs-tier1-3 and hs-precheckin-comp) trigger this
scenario because javac does not seem to generate such bytecode sequences. The optimization still
works fine for test3, test4 and test5 because there the if has safepoint information.


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