[13] RFR(S): 8218721: C1's CEE optimization produces safepoint poll with invalid debug information

Tobias Hartmann tobias.hartmann at oracle.com
Tue Feb 19 07:57:40 UTC 2019

Hi Martin,

On 18.02.19 15:34, Doerr, Martin wrote:
> the fix looks good. Thank you.

Thanks for the review.

> I think the comment "If will be eliminated by CEE" should get updated for test1, test2, test6.
> Maybe "If got eliminated by CEE before JDK-8218721"?
> (Don't need to see another webrev for such comment changes.)

Right, I'll update the comments before pushing.

> Thanks for implementing the test for class file version 52. I guess this change will get an Oracle backport label.

I've added the 12-bp label for now but will leave the decision on how far it should be backported to
the sustaining team.

Best regards,

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