RFR: 8207851 JEP Draft: Support ByteBuffer mapped over non-volatile memory

Andrew Dinn adinn at redhat.com
Wed Jan 16 11:23:10 UTC 2019

Hi Alan/Brian,

I have finally been able to shelve other commitments and return to this
JEP (apologies for the hiatus).


The JEP has been reviewed positively by Stuart Marks (core libs) and
Vladimir Kozlov (intrinsics). It has also been warmly welcomed by
several potential users in Red Hat and Intel (including, respectively,
Jonathan Halliday and Sandya Viswanathan both in cc).

I believe I have addressed all outstanding comments on the JEP per se,
including those made by Alan. Is it now possible for one of you to
endorse the JEP so it can be submitted?

I am aware that I still need to address a few details in the draft
implementation that are not present in the latest webrev. I believe
there are two changes requested by Vladimir:

  1. correct the type of cache writeback memory nodes to generic memory
  2. use the JVM to inject a flag setting which enables/disables mapping
of persistent buffers

and also one change requested by Alan:

  make method MappedByteBuffer.isPersistent private rather than public

Is there any other impediment to submitting the JEP and proceeding to
code review?


Andrew Dinn
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat UK Ltd
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