Code review request: NMT: assertion failed: assert(rec->addr() + rec->size() <= cur->base()) failed: Can not overlap in memSnapshot.cpp

Zhengyu Gu at
Fri Nov 2 10:21:08 PDT 2012

Updated the webrev based on David's comment.  Overlapping stacks is 
tracked by 8001743.



On 10/31/2012 9:32 PM, David Holmes wrote:
> On 1/11/2012 2:12 AM, Zhengyu Gu wrote:
>> NMT did not allow overlapped commit on memory regions, which is
>> incorrect. Committing overlapped memory regions should be allowed, as
>> long as the regions are within a reserved region.
> So the overlapping stacks that were detected is perfectly valid?
> The renaming from contains_xx to contain_xx is not correct. "contains" 
> is the correct form to use, and "overlaps" rather than "overlap".
> Why the variable rename in VMMemPointerIterator::add_reserved_region? 
> Given it is initialized from current() then 'cur' seems quite 
> acceptable. Otherwise maybe it is current() that has the wrong name? 
> The renaming generates a lot of noise in the webrev - it is hard to 
> see the actual substantive changes that were made.
> Cheers,
> David
>> Thanks,
>> -Zhengyu

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