Review request (M): 8003720: NPG: Method in interpreter stack frame can be deallocated

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at
Thu Nov 22 06:14:34 PST 2012

Description from CR:
In virtual calls the Method pointer in the interpreter stack frame is 
not kept alive by anything other than the "this" pointers to that 
method. If bytecodes overwrite the "this" pointer, then call a full GC, 
the class loader containing the Method* can be unloaded and the Method* 

This is also a problem with JSR292 MethodHandle static code because the 
MethodHandle containing the mirror for the interpreted method Method* is 
not on the stack if a GC occurs.

Fix proposal:
The "obvious" solution to this problem would be to apply the root 
scanning OopClosure to the Klass::_java_mirror field of the method in 
the interpreted frame. However, doing this might cause us to scan the 
same metadata oop location more than once, which is not allowed by some 
of the HotSpot GCs. We currently solve similar situations by always 
"claiming" and start scanning from the ClassLoaderData and then proceed 
down into the Klasses of that class loader.

For this bug we do the same. All old collections, where class unloading 
can occur, pass down a closure that is applied to the ClassLoaderData of 
the Klass of the Method in the interpreted frame. This closure does the 
claiming and proceeds to scan the class metadata. Note that during young 
collections, where we don't do class unloading, all classes are already 
used as strong roots and we don't have to apply this new closure in the 
interpreted frame.

The added test was initially written by John Rose. I only ported it to 
JTreg and made some artistic cleanups to it.


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