Review request: 8003935: Simplify the needed includes for using Thread::current()

Coleen Phillimore coleen.phillimore at
Mon Nov 26 06:14:31 PST 2012

This looks good to me.   Thank you for explaining why this is like this 
again, because I still think it was the right decision. This one is 
warranted though because it's critical that Thread::current() be inlined.

On 11/23/2012 6:54 AM, Stefan Karlsson wrote:
> Today, whenever we use Thread::current() we have to all these lines:
> #include "runtime/thread.hpp"
> #ifdef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_linux
> # include "thread_linux.inline.hpp"
> #endif
> #ifdef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_solaris
> # include "thread_solaris.inline.hpp"
> #endif
> #ifdef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_windows
> # include "thread_windows.inline.hpp"
> #endif
> #ifdef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_bsd
> # include "thread_bsd.inline.hpp"
> #endif
> This patch hides this dispatching in a new file named 
> thread.inline.hpp. Now we only have to include thread.inline.hpp.
> Some background to these includes: This type of dispatching was 
> introduced into the source files when we removed the includeDB files. 
> We discussed whether we should use "dispatch files" or not for this 
> kind platform dependent includes. The decision was to not create 
> dispatch files for all types of platform at that time, but instead 
> manually create them when we thought it was warranted.
> thanks,
> StefanK

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