How to native debug Java on macOS?

Alexander Miloslavskiy alexandr.miloslavskiy at
Mon Sep 9 16:57:25 UTC 2019

> Have you tried putting these two lines in your ~/.lldbinit file?
> process handle -s false SIGSEGV
> process handle -s false SIGBUS

Hmm, these seem to work...

Previously, on two different occasions, I spent a couple hours trying to 
get LLDB to work, also trying these very same commands, but failed. Back 
then I was stuck on EXC_BAD_ACCESS, from which I couldn't continue - it 
simply reoccurred again.

However, this time it works. If for example I run these:
	process handle --pass true --stop false SIGSEGV
	process handle --pass true --stop false SIGBUS

Then LLDB successfully skips all exceptions and my application runs as 
intended. Not sure why I was blocked previously.


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