[11u] RFR: 8227642: [TESTBUG] Make docker tests podman compatible

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Wed Sep 25 14:18:42 UTC 2019

Hi Severin,

> > Interestingly we didn't encounter issues in jdk/net/Sockets/Test.java
> > with 8227642 applied. But in any case, adding 8228434 will be better.
> On second thought, it looks like the OpenJDK 11u version of
> jdk/net/Sockets/Test.java doesn't use Platform (jdk/jdk's version
> does). So we are probably good at this point. No need for 8228434 in
> JDK 11u, AFAICS. Usages of Platform + running with a SecurityManager
> triggers the problem. OpenJDK 11 seems OK.

OK, that explains it. However, I think it's beneficial to take JDK-8228434 together with JDK-8227642. I ran a backport of it through our nightlies and the results still look good. Will send out an RFR shortly.

Best regards

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