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Jon Masamitsu Jon.Masamitsu at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 4 20:40:15 UTC 2008

You might also find this one useful.  It's a description of
the UseParallelOldGC collector.


Y Srinivas Ramakrishna wrote On 04/04/08 12:31,:

>>Back to the CMS vs. ParallelOldGC, is there a technical description anywhere
>>on the difference between these two Old Generation Parallel 
>>Collectors? I
>>know that they are tightly associated with their respective Young Generation
>>Collectors (UseParNewGC and ParallelGC respectively) but beyond that, 
>>I am
>>not sure I understand what ParallelOldGC does.
>Unfortunately, there is no parallel compacting collector for CMS in the current product. See
>Jon's blog for a diagram illustrating the way these collectors are structured/connected:-
>-- ramki
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