Adaptiveness of adaptive sizing

Alex Aisinzon aaisinzon at
Fri Mar 14 22:06:14 UTC 2008



Our application has a lot of long lived objects (large session,

The size of the tenured space grows through the usage period (typically
work hours) and then goes down as users log out.

Typically, a JVM supporting 600 concurrent users could have 600-800MB of
rock bottom long lived objects in the tenured.

I am interested in exploring the adaptive sizing policy. Nevertheless,
since the tenured grows during the day, I wonder if the adaptive sizing
policy will adapt the tenured and nursery spaces dynamically.

Finally, I wonder which metrics an adaptive sizing policy uses to find
the "optimal" ratio between nursery and tenured.


We are using the Sun JDK 1.5 for now.


Thanks in advance


Alex Aisinzon

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