CMS collection keep working during holiday

Y Srinivas Ramakrishna Y.S.Ramakrishna at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 9 04:02:57 UTC 2008

Hi Ken --

> Actually jmap -histo is my first step for trouble shooting at the very
> beginning. Why there are so many wierd instance is because I have this 
> flag:
> -XX:+DisableExplicitGC
> With this flag turned on, all calls to System.gc() is ignored even you 
> press
> the 'Perform-GC' button in Jconsole. Removing this flag will have a much
> clear histo. I will cap a histo (without this flag turned on) and post 
> here
> tomorrow.

If you use jmap -histo:live <pid> from the command-line you will
get a full gc before the histogram is computed. This full gc will
be done despite having +DisableExplicitGC.

-- ramki

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