option combinations

Kai Johnson ksjohnson3 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 22:56:35 UTC 2009

Is there some way to walk through the implementation and use of the GC
options in the hotspot vm? It seems many of them are dangerous to
combine, but you wouldn't know that from their names or their
description, because lots of them have side effects.

Does the OpenJDK hotspot have and use many of these flags?

(Apologies for reviving a dead thread)

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Subject: option combinations
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> i can't seem to find a comprehensive listing or matrix of which
> options are valid with each other.
> does anyone know of such information?

Unfortunately, no such documentation exists, as far as i know.

If you have questions about specific combinations, we can try and
answer them.

We can, of course, also think about how one might go about
documenting this combinatorial morass. Any suggestions/examples?
(The general problem of transcription of the combinatorial
possibilities is of course intractable, but the problem may well
be tractable for HotSpot options by means of partitioning into orthogonal

-- ramki

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