Iterating to a safe point

Jon Masamitsu Jon.Masamitsu at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 15 15:11:48 UTC 2009

Look in


starting with SafepointSynchronize::begin().  There's
a nice comment there that says

// Roll all threads forward to a safepoint and suspend them all

Best to look at the code to see exactly what that means
with regard to your question about "fixed amount of instructions".

On 01/14/09 20:56, Kevin Tew wrote:
> I remember reading in a paper that said that the Java VM used safe 
> points so that when a stop the world condition needed to occur, all 
> threads could be stepped forward to a safe point within a fixed amount 
> of instructions.
> Is that the case still?
> Any pointer where I could look in the openjdk code base to find out more?
> Kevin Tew

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