Number of Parallel GC Threads

Florian Weimer fw at
Mon Jan 26 21:33:16 UTC 2009

* Martin Buchholz:

> In general, JDK engineers think in terms of peak performance
> in benchmark-like settings.  I've been guilty of that myself.
> We should try harder to have reasonable performance without
> unreasonable resource consumption, by default.

I would be happy to have some sort of system daemon mode, which
minimizes footprint while maintaining relatively decent performance
(for things like the occasional TLS handshake).  I think most such
applications wouldn't even need dynamic tuning.

Right now, I fear that I need to put all these system management tasks
into a single VM (MVM-style) because it seems that without lots of
tuning, separate VMs would consume too much resources on some of our
smaller hosts.  (Of course, this is a psychological issue to some
extent, and it's note very likely that the code actually exists before
those machines are phased out. 8-/)

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