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Dan Hicks danhicks at ieee.org
Wed Jun 3 00:35:05 UTC 2009

The old SPECjbb2000 benchmark was pretty much a pure test of GC 
peformance (with a little bit of pure CPU overhead thrown in).  The 
(current) SPECjbb2005 benchmark was modified to throw in more system 
complexity (though I don't recall the details) and is less of a GC 


Unfortunately, the results aren't real current, and aren't organized in 
a way to allow you to compare GC algorithms very readily.
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> Hi,
> Just for fun, does anybody know some benchmarks comparing the
> different GCs available with some real-world load?
> I would be interested in results for small servers (4-16P), like
> memory overhead, pause times, throughput impact.
> I know basically how the different GCs work, however I hadn't much
> luck finding hard numbers ;)
> Thank you in advance, Clemens
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