hotspot-gc-dev Digest, Vol 24, Issue 6

Peter B. Kessler Peter.Kessler at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 9 16:25:51 UTC 2009

Could you post a sample GC log?  It's likely we could tune you down to a few percent CPU in GC.  Thanks.

Are you interested in low pause times, or high throughput (or both :-)?  How much physical memory do you have on the the machine(s)?  Is the JVM the only thing running on the machine, or do we have to share?

			... peter

Dan Hicks wrote:
> IBM i and p boxes.  Running heaps of several GB on 4-16 ways.
> Paul Hohensee wrote:
>> I'm curious.  Which GC's can consume half the cpu cycles?  I'd believe it of Metronome's
>> real-time GC (because it's designed to work that way if necessary), but like Tony, I haven't
>> seen GC consume that much cpu in the wild.

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