Memory Accesses in Old Generation

Peng Du pdu at
Mon Mar 2 21:20:45 UTC 2009

Hello, everyone

If I want to trace the frequencies of memory accesses (read/write) in
the old generation in Hotspot with page granularity(say 4K), what do you
think is the best way to do it? 

For example: 

GC: 		ParallelOldGC
OldGen: 	0x849e0000 -> 0x873c0000

======= Page =======    == Freq ==
0x849e0000-0x849e1000	   34
0x849e1000 0x849e2000	   53
0x849e2000 0x849e3000	   23
0x849e3000 0x849e4000	   56
0x849e4000 0x849e5000	   788
       ......              ......

Thanks in advance! 

Peng Du

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