capturing method entry/exit efficiently

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Wed Sep 2 18:47:22 UTC 2009

Dear all,

One update for yesterday's mail is that I am now able to add some
call_vm() code in  TemplateTable::invokespecial(), to get my own code
executed. This is much economy in compared with JVMTI.  But I just
cannot find a suitable place for monitoring the method_exit.

Any idea about that? And still, the compiled method is still a nightmare for me.



> Dear all,
> My current research project with hotspot requires me to do something
> particular whenever a method(interpreted or compiled) is invoked. I
> need to know the thread and the method at the invocation time. What I
> am trying to do is to do some VM hacking based on the methods called.
> Question 1: Can I use BCI to achieve this?
> I am now able to capture the method_entry/exit events by writing a
> JVMTI agent, but it's not what I really need to do. By using JVMTI,
> performance is deteriorated a lot. And I am not sure if the compiled
> method can still be captured. (Though I know java1.5 has some JVMPI
> support in the compilation part, but not in java1.7. Am I right?).
> Question 2: I am trying find a way to enable the
> notify_method_enry/exit by partly simulating an JVMTI agent, that
> means that I modify several parts in the hotspot without actually use
> an external JVMTI agent. Is it feasible? (in terms of perfomance)
> Question 3: Is there some better way to capture the method_entry/exit event?
> Thanks for diluting the question marks in my mind!
> Tony  (Xiaohua Guan)
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