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I'm new to this list and I have a few questions about tuning my young
generation gc. 


I have chosen to use the CMS garbage collector because my application is
a relatively large reporting server that has a web front end and
therefore needs to have minimal pauses.  


I am using java 1.6.0_16 64-bit on redhat 5.2 intel 8x3GHz and 64GB ram.


The machine is dedicated to this JVM.


My steady-state was calculated as follows:

-          A typical number of users logged in and viewed several

-          Stopped user actions and performed a manual full GC

-          Look at the amount of heap used and take that number as the
steady-state memory requirement


In this case my heap usage was ~10GB.  In order to handle variance or
spikes I sized my old generation at 15-20GB.


I sized my young generation at 32-42GB and used survivor ratios of 1, 2,
3 and 6.


My goal is to maximize throughput and minimize pauses.  I'm willing to
sacrifice ram to increase speed.


I have attached several of my many gc logs.  The file gc_48G.txt is just
using CMS without any other tuning, and the results are much worse than
what I have been able to accomplish with other settings.  The best
results are in the files gc_52G_20Gold_32Gyoung_2sr.txt and


The problem is that some of the pauses are just too long.


Is there a way to reduce the pause time any more than I have it now?

Am I heading in the right direction?  I ask because the default settings
are so different than what I have been heading towards.


The best reference I have found on what good gc logs look like come from
brief examples presented at JavaOne this year by Tony Printezis and
Charlie Hunt.  But I don't seem to be able to get logs that resemble
their tenuring patterns.


I think I have a lot of medium-lived objects instead of nice short-lived


Are there any good practices for apps with objects like this?





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