accessing memory management details

Brian Harris Brian.Harris at
Mon Dec 20 17:02:33 UTC 2010


Is it possible for my app to learn where objects are allocated? Young or old
generation, if young which survivor space? In a LAB? I'm interested in where
an object was initially allocated, but also any movements (from where?, to
where?, when?) that happen thereafter.

These use cases illustrate what I had in mind:
  * JUnit test asserting >90% of allocations of type com.mycompany.Entity
are done in TLAB
  * Benchmark tool showing the effect that various JVM tuning parameters
have on memory management. Displayed as graphs, timelines, etc.

I looked through the 1.6 JVMTI demos and didn't see these sort of details
being exposed. Also nothing similar looking through BTrace examples. Where
should I look next?.

Happy holidays,
Brian Harris
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