Feedback requested: HotSpot GC logging improvements

Matthew Miller Matthew.H.Miller at Sun.COM
Thu May 6 20:46:20 UTC 2010

I'd like to say +1 to the idea below - if it were some how possible to 
(somewhat) easily tell all the GC options used from with in the GC Log 
itself, it would be very useful. (Especially to the support organization).


On 5/6/2010 4:27 PM, jeff.lloyd at wrote:

[... Snip ...]
> Can I make a suggestion for item B?  Have you noticed everyone who posts
> their GC log file additionally has to include in their email the gc
> config options that they think they used for that particular run?  In
> our application we prefix _every_ "cyclic" log file with the config
> options used to start the app.  It makes reporting problems easier and
> we can see which options the client used by looking at the top of the
> log file instead of having to ask the client for what they thought they
> used.
> Jeff

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