A minor bug in jdk7-b87

Y. Srinivas Ramakrishna y.s.ramakrishna at oracle.com
Tue May 18 16:19:57 UTC 2010

6953483 Typo related to ReduceInitialCardMarks

Workaround for the case of CMS: -XX:-ReduceInitialCardMarks.

No issue for other collectors (G1, which may otherwise have been
vulnerable, has this optimization switched off).

Thanks, ChenGuang, for bringing this to our attention.
-- ramki

Y. Srinivas Ramakrishna wrote:
> Looks like I am responsible for that typo (which is still there).
> I'll test and fix that issue. Thanks for the fix!
> -- ramki
> ChenGuang Sun wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     I'm reading the code and have noticed a minor typo in the function
>> "CollectedHeap::pre_initialize()".
>>     I think it should be "#ifdef COMPILER2" instead of "#ifdef
>> COMPLER2". I haven't checked whether it has been corrected in the
>> latest revision.
>> Thanks,
>> Chen

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