how to know jvm is stopping the world?

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Sun Dec 11 06:31:35 UTC 2011

    In our application of full text searching with lucene and solr. we will
give jvm about 25GB memory. we use CMS as old generation garbage collector.
But the jvm sometimes can't do anything. So our clients complain that the
connection is time out. we find the reason is the jvm is doing full gc and
it will stop service for about 1-3 seconds.
    I know that this situation is inevitable when using CMS collector. but
we have more than one searching machines, so if I know jvm is doing full
gc(specially stop the world), I can send requests to other machines. But
the question now is that jvm don't provide an api for that. I think it's
not very difficult(for guys developing hotspot, but is in deed difficult
for me ). So I want your help.
    The first question is where is the position of CMS full gc.
    there are many steps:
      1. STW initial mark
      2. Concurrent marking
      3. Concurrent precleaning
      4. STW remark
      5. Concurrent sweeping
      6. Concurrent reset
    there are 2 stop the world stages. I want to know the line number(or
functions) of this stages. so I can tell java program that jvm now is doing
full gc.
     The second is that how to communicate between jvm and java program? My
expected thing is like :
     //java program
           //system is busy, tell the dispatch node that don't send request
to me
           do service;
     I have no experience in jvm developing. jvm is implemented in c and
jni is the interface between them. is there any other method that jvm can
achieve this? obviously, it can extend System class and add a static method
named isStopTheWorld(). Could some one tell me how to do this in details?
Thank you very much.
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