CRR (S): 7113012: G1: rename not-fully-young GCs as "mixed"

Bengt Rutisson bengt.rutisson at
Thu Dec 15 08:47:23 UTC 2011

Hi Tony,

Sorry for the late review. I looks good to me.

One minor thing:

Several lines in the range 373-432 (new version) has indentation that 
looks strange to me. For example line 375 here:

  373   size_t predict_young_card_num(size_t rs_length) {
  374     return (size_t) ((double) rs_length *
  376   }

Other than that - Ship it!


On 2011-12-08 23:04, Tony Printezis wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could I have a couple of volunteers to look at this change?
> We decided that the terms "fully-young" and "partially-young" GCs were 
> awkward so we are renaming them to "young" and "mixed". This change 
> not only changes the external G1 output that uses these terms (i.e., 
> GC log and GC ergonomic decision log) but also renames all the 
> occurrences of those terms in the code itself (fields, methods, 
> comments, etc.). Initially, I was not going to do the latter but it 
> turned out that the changes were not too many. So it's good to make 
> the code consistent with our current terminology.
> These are the most common fields / methods that I renamed:
> _full_young_gcs                  -> _gcs_are_young
> full_young_gcs()                 -> gcs_are_young()
> set_full_young_gcs()             -> set_gcs_are_young()
> _should_revert_to_full_young_gcs -> _should_revert_to_young_gcs
> _last_full_young_gc              -> _last_young_gc
> _last_young_gc_full              -> _last_gc_was_young
> The changeset also includes some very minor code cleanup (mainly 
> introduction of curly brackets in if-else statements).
> Tony

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