Request for reviews (S): 7014874: Incorrect COOPs modes on solaris-{sparcv9, amd64} with ParallelGC

John Cuthbertson john.cuthbertson at
Thu Feb 3 17:27:22 UTC 2011

I think the test case was one of the 64 bit GCBasher tests in jprt. I'll 
submit a CR (if there isn't one already) undo the code and submit a good 
few jprt -stree jprt jobs on all 3 queues.


On 02/03/11 09:13, Y. S. Ramakrishna wrote:
> Tony or John might know the current status of this. In the past
> we had left it off because there was an intermittent
> crash on one of our platforms with one of our integration
> tests when we switched on compressed oops with G1. Many bugs
> have been fixed in G1 since then, so it's possible that the
> problem is gone now. We should certainly test and see if
> we can switch it on by default.
> -- ramki
> On 02/03/11 02:45, Ismael Juma wrote:
>> Vladimir Kozlov <vladimir.kozlov at ...> writes:
>>> Serial, CMS and G1 all don't increase heap size.
>>> One thing I notice is compressed oops are still OFF by default
>>> with G1. Any plans to switch it ON?
>> I am also interested in this answer.
>> Best,
>> Ismael

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