request for review (M), 6458402: 3 jvmti tests fail with CMS and +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent

Keith McGuigan keith.mcguigan at
Tue Jan 4 19:48:44 UTC 2011

On Jan 4, 2011, at 11:11 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:

> Daniel D. Daugherty wrote:
>> :
>>> This fix adds the missing JVMTI GC callbacks for CMS:
>>> Webrev:
>> Very nicely done. You should ping Alan B. to see if he has
>> time to sanity check the JVM/TI tap map stuff...
> I've just scanned it (haven't had time to do detailed review yet)  
> but it looks pretty good to me. The only thing I notice is one or  
> two stale comments. For example the hashmap() function no longer has  
> an oop as argument but is still commented as "return the appropriate  
> hashmap for a given object". I also wonder about the rehashing and  
> whether it might be cheaper to re-hash to same slot rather than  
> accumulating the moved entries in the delayed_add list. Keith may  
> have measured this already.

I'll find and fix those comments.  Can you expand upon what you mean  
by "re-hash to the same slot"?  I don't understand how that would work.

- Keith

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